What will you receive?

You will have 2 one to one sessions of a combination of Hypnotherapy or Nlp before your coaching starts and 1 more at a later date if needed.

Diets don't work for most people... Why?

Quickly take a look at the blue tree. What do you notice about it? What's missing? Let's just imagine this is a real tree. All of us know that the roots are very important when it comes to receiving nutrients. Light is just as important. For the tree to be complete, balance is needed. When you think of a cherry tree in full blossom, you know this has taken some time. If the tree gets too many nutrients or too much water, it will never be in complete bloom.

Where is the feeling when you make a good decision?

If you wanted to climb a mountain what would you need?
The best equipment? Guides? Maps? None of this will be useful if your mind leaves you in doubt. As we go through life we get used to these doubting thoughts.The most interesting things is that these doubts are there to protect you...but they are not always useful when we want to make valuable changes. We start with the best intention, but if these old feelings of doubt are going on in the background,we revert back to old eating habits. Your Slimming Easy experience will help you change those signs and direct you to a new brighter, lighter future.

Don't think of a blue tree. Now take a look at the symbols to the left of this text. What do you think they all have got in common? We know why diets don't work for everyone and we know people eat and don't eat for different reasons.

Your Slimming Easy experience is a comprehensive two-day adventure. Your new learnings will give you more insights about your behaviours.

What else will you learn?

How to be aware of particular triggers and why they are so important. How to communicate with your 'self' and others for a more fulfilling life.

Why it is more important now to make that change than any other time in your life?

Learning why food is so important to you and understanding your relationship with it.

You are unique

We are all different in our own way and that's why there are so many books on good health. It is impossible to have one diet that's perfect for all. But there is one thing we all have in common...our minds. We may have different values and meanings that create our beliefs. But it is our mind that is in search of those values even though it can lead us to bad health decisions. Your values and beliefs about food are 'out of date' which affects your mind system. All the symbols on the left have systems. When the mind system receives 'out of date' thoughts about food you use 'out of date' behaviours.'Out of date' thoughts are just like 'out of date' food.

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any. Alice Walker

Each Action Towards How You Want To See Yourself In The Future Is A Step In The Right Direction.

Are You Ready To Start?

How many times have you lost weight only to find that you have slowly put it back on again. Now you know why. What would stop you now from finding out more or calling me? Could it be doubt?

Everything Is Ready For You

Remember that your mind holds many experiences about what food means to you. These thoughts will direct you to old instructions. The feeling of resistance towards change is 'out of date'.

Dates To Bloom?

Your Slimming Easy weekend experience will give you new visions of the future.

Fee £200