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A warm welcome

Sandy and I have come to the conclusion after working with our clients for over 15 years that the most important thing is to be able to make them feel comfortable. We also like to think that having fun is the best way to learn new techniques to help you lose weight. So I'm sure you have some questions about our workshop? Just click on the green bubble below leave a message and we will get straight back to you.We can then explain about the new powerful techniques you will gain on your weekend workshop.

Cliff and Sandy

The Weekend Workshop Course combines training with practical exercises. Participants work as a group and in pairs.

Why are there so many books about slimming?

Well we think it’s because authors are doing their best to find one diet that will help everyone to lose weight and become slim. This is an impossible task.

Diets don't work for most people

That's why there are so many slimming books. Slimming Easy is 100% committed to getting you the results you want. This course will be focused on what you want, not on what you are going to lose. Slimming Easy is all about what you are going to gain:

  • Peace of mind
  • Confidence
  • Acceptance
  • Well-being
  • Self esteem
  • Appreciation

If these few words ring a bell or your beginning to get a good feeling about our weekend workshops,well you’re on the right page. Have you got the commitment it takes to become the person you want to be? I know you have the commitment to your food habit and that you have a recipe to keep that habit alive and well. I have many new recipes, all to suit your taste,tantalizing all your taste buds to make new strategies for you to munch on for the whole weekend and beyond. In fact, for the rest of your life. The reason why diets don’t work is because we are all individual. We are all made up of different components or parts that create the whole of who we are (our identity)

Mind Matters

Mind Matters

Mind Matters

Think about the weight you want to be on the scales or seeing yourself wearing that amazing dress looking just the way you want to be. What will you say to yourself when you have achieved your desired weight? Say it out LOUD and mean it! Really imagine the feeling being that weight...Where would you notice that feeling within your body?

Give this a go.

Dont think of a blue tree

Mind Matters

Have you noticed when you go on a diet you become hungry? Thats because you're thinking about the food you cant eat.You will start giving yourself movies or pictures about food and even talk to yourself in a kind and considerate way.Your self talk will be saying "go on it's ok to have that cake" As soon as you think about what you cant have, you have to think about the food you dont wont to think about.I guarantee you will get hungry.

The big problem with diets is that they have a presupposition. In other words, we possibly know when they will start and we definitely know when they will finish. This then leads us to old behavioural patterns. if you are thinking about when the diet will finish, what else are you thinking? You wouldn’t think of the end of your holiday before you booked it, would you? Your weekend will be focused on changing those behavioural patterns.

All of us have certain foods we like. Mine is Indian food. I don't think you can beat a good curry when you're in good company, but this website isn’t about me, it’s all about YOU! Food has an over indulgence of associations.These associations are linked to many different times in life. Think of it like this, food has been your best friend for a very long time and just like friends we have favourites at particular times in our lives and just like a really good friend, they have been there when times are hard. Your best food friend has also been there when times are really good.In fact your best food friend has always been there for you no matter what the situation or the occasion,birthdays, Christmas, picnics, barbeques, you name it, your best food friend has been there from the beginning.

How to make those changes and keep the change?

If you are committed to making those changes about the relationship you have with food and wish to become lighter in life, this is the course for you. My job is to bring your potential to the surface of your life. I will be giving you the skills that I have discovered that work over the last 15 years! These techniques have helped me to respect food for what it is

I guarantee Slimming Easy Training will change your life.

There’s one condition, yes just one, which you'll find really easy to digest and as there is only one condition,that means it will be really simple,will it not? All you have to do is follow the instructions, it's that simple !