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Your Life Coaches and Care Package

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After care is paramount after your Slimming easy training.

Your Slimming easy Care Package will also help transform your life. We will be using the latest techniques in


New view therapy



You will also receive Skype or call follow ups for three months after your coaching. Also a manual that will add flavour to the new you.

As you know, for some people making changes to their life can seem somewhat daunting. One thing to remember is that the next week of your life is going to happen... infact most of us will have a fullfilling life. With this in mind, the next 6 months of your life is going to happen. Do you want to be saying the same thing in 6 months time that you are saying now? If this is the case, then nothing will change. You will be no nearer to achieving your goals and still saying the same old thing.On the other hand, when you make that decision to take the smallest step, pick up the phone or even send an email, something will change. Sandy and myself are committed to helping you make that change. All you have to do is one of the above to get the ball rolling.

We are dedicated to tailored your needs as you start a new journey in your life and prepare yourself for a healthier life. We want to make this transition easy,so you can become a healthier happier contented person, which we know you can be. Making your 2 days training interesting, fun and most of all rememberable. Sandy and myself have been working with people with health issues for over 15 years.

Cliff partridge

Being a father of 5 as you can imagine has made my life very interesting. As our children were growing up,I soon discovered all of my children have different ways of learning. One of my sons behavour was becoming challenging within school and within the family.I was introduced to NLP through the school my son was attending. I meet an incedible lady called Fiona Hardy and from that day my life changed. Since that day I found a passion I did not know was there. I have been studying people’s behaviours now for over 9 years, in particular what creates our values and beliefs. All of our beliefs are unconscious, in other words they are on a different level of consciousness. In the last six months I have been developing a new concept in therapy, which will be included within your slimming easy training. I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and NLP Master practitioner.

I have been delivering NLP training for over 7 years. I am a accredited HNLP trainer.

Sandy Partridge

Sandy is a qualified homeopath and a NLP Practitioner. Sandy has a background in nursing so she has a great understanding of health and has worked with clients that have been dealing with a wide variety of health issues which have prevented them from enjoying a sense of well-being and has restricted their lifestyle, sometimes to the point of misery. Homeopathy is an alternative medicine which is non-toxic and can be taken alongside conventional medicines. By listening to your symptoms and matching them with homeopathic remedies that are known to help with your particular symptoms she uses an individual programme of remedies to support you.